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My second year as a virtual assistant I decided to learn website creation. Also, prospective clients would ask me if I built websites as part of my service offerings and I referred them to other VAs.

Well, this year I found how I can create my own website with WordPress.

But how?

It’s true that you can find 99% of the answers you seek online. However, this kind of education can take a long time. How can I get answers to specific questions time efficiently was my most important question?

See sometimes you cannot determine when a person will visit their YouTube channel and answer questions.

But, I did find a solution that worked for me.

WPApprentice is a WordPress tutorial membership site that teaches how you can create your own website. Customer experience is important for me so below are my top reasons for choosing this course.

Top Benefits

  • Customer Support: Kirk always answers your questions timely. Like most people, if I can get my questions answered, I can do a lot for myself. When you purchase Kirk’s course, you will receive answers the same or next day.
  • Content Quality: Kirk does more than teach how to build a pretty site. His videos guide you to customize your website for your specific goals. He has videos that explain the importance of email and how to implement it on your site. And, he keeps you updated with webinars on the upcoming Internet changes that can effect on your website.
    • For example, this year the search engines prioritized sites that added security and Kirk explained this change in a webinar. This webinar was free to those that purchased a course.
    • In addition, Kirk explained the benefits and how to use Google webmaster tools effectively.
  • Pricing: The last selling point for me was Kirk’s pricing. Kirk has a free course then you can choose the right program at an affordable price. The best thing for me is the one-time purchase provides Lifetime access. My workload is sometimes heavy, so the lifetime access is a great benefit for me.

The WPApprentice program significantly helped me create my own website. I also look forward to learning more. See, when I started WPApprentice’s Business Blueprint Website, I did not have to watch all of the videos to create my own site. I watched what I needed and then was on my way. The above image is the site I redesigned using WPApprentice.

The WordPress content management system’s (CMS) most attractive feature is that they are highly customizable. I know there are other CMS platforms and website builders available. However, the best practice business building method is to find a mentor or someone you admire and duplicate their actions.

With that said, I suggest when you get time to check out the websites you admire with this tool, https://builtwith.com/. I believe that you will see most of the websites that you search are using the WordPress platform.

WordPress Essentials Training

To feel confident about building your website, start with the WPApprentice program by clicking the image below.

Also, if you have questions about my experience with WPApprentice, feel welcome to post it in the comments.