Samcart: One Page Sales Funnel

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I subscribed to Samcart when someone shared their easy one page complete sales funnel can have everything. When I became a virtual assistant if you could set up an automated offer it helped you attract clients. Marketing automation is the greatest innovation for sales on the Internet. It is all about someone coming to your website anytime, reading your content then making a purchase, while you sleep.

After Coaches and entrepreneurs write copy for sales pages and autoresponders, the next part is technical. The steps are to:

  • upload a video to your sales page
  • setup the autoresponders/reminders
  • connect sales page to your e-commerce solution
  • connect e-commerce to your email list provider
  • share the content on social media profiles

This work requires five to seven hours to implement.

Having this experience meant I knew how to set up my offer. But I learned about Samcart and everything changed.

Samcart is an e-commerce solution that has sales funnel templates. You can use these templates to set up a one page automated offer.

I used their templates to:

  • upload my video about my offer
  • add my testimonials
  • connect Samcart to my e-commerce option
  • connect Samcart to my email provider

I found this software user-friendly because customers can see everything on one page. With one click visitors can:

  • watch the video
  • read the testimonials
  • click the ‘buy now; button on the page.

When website visitors contact me about marketing assistance, and they are on a tight budget, I am now still able to help. I send them my Sam cart one-page sales funnel where they can view my beginning marketing funnel and purchase.

Customer service is the other reason I like Samcart. One day, I read an email from someone regarding my product. A sale had not processed, although the email looked like it came from a person that purchased my digital marketing course.

Before replying, I went to Sam cart researching this issue. Samcart customer service researched this issue then responded the same day. I was able to respond to the potential customer within the same day of reading their email.

A prompt response is always appreciated when something goes awry during a purchase transaction. People deserve to feel heard and know their purchases matter to the sellers. Samcart enables their customers to provide excellent customer service.

If you are looking for an e-commerce solution, I highly recommend Samcart. It enables customers to purchase with fewer clicks easily. Their sales funnel templates are user-friendly, but they do provide instructional videos. Click the video below to learn more.

Samcart ecommerce