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Market Samurai keyword optimization tool can make research easy. Keyword research and search engine optimization were some of the first tasks I learned in Internet marketing training. Market Samurai was the tool I learned to use. I started learning Internet marketing skills in 2009; since then a lot of tools have been replaced. However, Market Samurai is still useful to me in my business.

Most entrepreneurs promote their products and services online without being clear which keywords to describe their businesses to the search engines. Market Samurai helps me explain the value of deciding which keywords to include in my client’s content consistently. There are two main things to remember when choosing keywords.

    • Keywords and keyword phrases need to be in most of the content produced. This way the site will be indexed in the search engines correctly.

The images will explain the above statement clearly.

The first image is the SEO Competition search area of this keyword optimization tool. One of the most valuable ways websites reaches the first page of the search engines are the number of pages they have indexed with keywords they are using. The more pages you have on your website with the keywords in the content, the better your chances of reaching the first pages of the search engines.

Below is an example.

The 4th column titled IC, (indexed content) shows how many pages the website has indexed with the ‘client attraction’ keyword that is on the tab. The tab titled ‘client attraction’ is the keyword that I searched. The first website is the one that I entered on the SEO competition page. Next, I clicked on the ‘generate results’ button.

All the websites that are indexed with the keyword phrase, ‘client attraction’ are listed on this keyword optimization tool screen. The first three websites listed belong to Fabienne Fredrickson. Her work is about attracting clients to your business. When I first learned about her the website’s name was Fabienne has over 3000 pages indexed online with the keyword phrase client attraction.

Market Samurai keyword optimization tool image(Click on image to enlarge)

The next image is The top websites listed for client attraction are the ones that have the most content written for those keywords.

Google image (Click on image to enlarge)

More pages with keywords and keyword phrases in the content, the faster search engines recognize your company’s brand. It is important to write for your audience but also to make sure your keywords are in the text enough to be listed in the search engines correctly. Quality content matters to humans, quantity keywords in your content matters to search engines. This keyword optimization tool helps me demonstrate the value of their keywords on their websites.

The trick is that you can not have the keywords in too much. 2% of your content should be your keywords. If you have a 400-word article, the keywords and phrases should be listed at least eight times.

  • The next value of the keyword is their commercial value.

The other great thing about this keyword optimization tool is that it shows me words that have commercial value. Commercial value means advertisers are paying search engines like Google to have their ads listed under these keywords.

Using a new keyword phrase example, ‘how to make an online business’ below is an image of how Market Samurai identifies traffic and commercial value.

Market Samurai keyword optimization tool(Click on image to enlarge)

First column is the search engine optimization traffic (SEOT) shows how many people are searching for this keyword
phrase. Search Engine optimization value (SEOV), shows the amount advertisers pay for their products and services to be listed under these keywords. This keyword optimization tool breaks down the important data. Market Samurai shows the words to use in your content.

Keywords will bring people to your website as long as you are creating pages of quality content.

Another example, of seeing this program work for me was two years ago. I enrolled in a training that taught to use SEO when choosing the name for your website. I created a website and Facebook page. The training program reimbursed students five dollars for their Facebook ad. I did the ad, and the Facebook page grew up to 200 likes.

Fast forward, my virtual assistant work increased, and I did not complete the training. I also did not build the website. However, the Facebook page continued to grow without me posting for engagement. The keywords alone was enough for people to find and like the page and create over 400 likes. No engagement and no ads but the page likes continued to grow. This keyword optimization tool proves its value in my business annually.

Marketing Samurai has proven to be a valuable product. It is a one-time purchase with a free 14-day trial. If you are building an online business, check out this keyword optimization tool. My experience is that Market Samurai is worth the money.

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