Entrepreneurs Absolutely Need the Best Marketing Books for Reference

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All successful entrepreneurs can recommend the best marketing books they reference in their work. Although society mostly watches livestreaming, videos and view positive images reading is still very important to become a successful entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur for eight years, I can tell you the books I have and do read have changed my mind and improved my business.

I love books that make me think. It’s one of the ways I build relationships on Twitter. People read my profile and recommend books to me; I do check them out.

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Today, I am starting to build my resources page for the aspiring entrepreneur. This list will be an ongoing growing resource for online business owners. I will include tools, equipment, and health suggestions to support the entrepreneur on their journey. This book will be the first of my recommendations as one of the best marketing books available.

My first suggestion is The Pumpkin Plan by Michael Michalowicz. My reasons for listing this book as one of the best marketing books is because:

  • Michael advises how to distinguish ideal quality clients
  • Know when to say ‘no’ to a client for quantity in order to serve quality your clients better
  • A new way to get referrals that your quality clients will see as a benefit

Michael gave a presentation at the SocialBoom17 conference this year, and I found his ideas on traditional marketing strategies refreshing. His ideas made me think of a process to expand business through my warm network.

The other reason I named this as one of the best marketing books for entrepreneurs is Michael’s suggestion to systemize the process. See, once you learn who your top quality clients are, the next step is to systemize a process that serves them excellently. This way you can replicate this process and work with more quality clients.

I remember being a new virtual assistant so I will share my top quality client description to get you started. I look for:

  • entrepreneurs that respect and acknowledge your work based on the results they receive
  • entrepreneurs that acknowledge the extra service you provide in assisting them to achieve their goals
  • them to embrace different ideas in order to reach their projected goals

The above statements have helped me create an ideal client description. From this narrative, I created services that helped my top quality clients achieve their goals in the most time-efficient way.

As you consider your business goals to achieve in 2018, I highly recommend The Pumpkin Plan for the continued learning part of your business. Ongoing education is imperative for the entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, you are in the small percentage of society that still reads regularly.

I want to ensure you are reading the best marketing books to grow your business and experience tremendous growth in 2018. Best wishes to you in the upcoming for health in all areas of your life.