About Electra

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Working with entrepreneurs in various industries over the years, I understand individuals that want to:

  • make a significant contribution through their work or
  • find an ideal work setting for them to accomplish their dreams and goals


Their ambitions drive them yet they are often confused regarding how to get their work noticed by the right audience and make a profit.


They also find themselves between a rock and a hard place:


The Rock: they have familial and financial responsibilities that require them to keep a steady income.

The Hard Place: They have little to no disposable income to hire the team they really need.

In addition, to the rock and hard place is their desire to do something different; and that brings on emotional stress.


Seeking an outlet, these industrialists attempt several options including MLMs and other ventures. However, most of the time these endeavors frequently fade.


But after today that is all in the past.


My content fused with your superpower which is working on your ideas when you have time will now help you achieve better results.


On this site you will gain access to:


  • Affordable online marketing plans that explain IN DETAIL what steps to follow for engagement and sales.
  • Strategies to implement to become a profitable affiliate marketer
  • Support when you feel alone. You see, sometimes people closest to you do not understand your aim so self-empowerment and self-motivation are very necessary. Here you will find content and products to keep you encouraged.


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