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It is my opinion that Bluehost is one of the best small business web hosting providers. I base this statement on my most recent experience.

A couple of years ago, I was in a program that compensated its students for each action completed. If you already had Bluehost, which I did you could not get credit for one of the assignments.

The program directors arrangements with HostGator for students like me to continue getting credit when completing each assignment.

Like most small business owners, I got busy with work and did not finish the program. However, I still had a URL parked on this hosting provider.

Fast forward to now, (today is November 2017) and I am taking another course. This program director advises the importance of using your name as your company’s URL which I heard in previous training. I purchased my name my name through HostGator’s web hosting. My intention was to redirect my name URL to the website I was building. I felt it would be an easy add-on to my new business.


I went through a week of back and forth with HostGator web hosting technical support staff. Each day getting different answers but no one explaining why my site was completely down. If you want to make a customer angry, give them various reasons when they call.


Hostgator representatives are polite but what good is it when you do not get the service you need.

After five days of excuses, I looked for other options. Small business owners are sometimes sole proprietors. They need service providers that do their best to solve problems and understand customer’s objectives. This is especially true when talking about web hosting service.

Continuing with my story, I called Bluehost and by end of the day, my site live. I have been customizing my site with no problems.

Working with my clients, I get to work with lots of hosting providers. Learning about the offers of the other web hosting companies have made me feel even more that Bluehost offers some of the best services.

Right now you can create a new account with Bluehost and receive the following:

  • FREE Domain
  • FREE Site Builders
  • 1-Click Install
  • 24/7 Support


SSL Certificates

Another personal benefit that leads me to consider Bluehost’s web hosting some of the best available, is the free SSL certificates. This is a plus because I the WPApprentice webinar I attended last year search engines now give priority to the website that has the https: in from of their URL. This security feature supports visitor’s information entered on your site remaining secure.

For these reasons, I highly recommend Bluehost because they provide some of the best small business web hosting.