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You can make a professional WordPress website easily with local by flywheel.

What’s Flywheel?

It is a program that enables you to make a WordPress website easily on your local computer before uploading it to your hosting account. This new program is recently available for Windows users and it is a free download.

In August, I created my website on my computer with Wampserver. I had to debug this process but with local, by Flywheel adding a site was quick and easy. My steps exactly were:

  • open an account on flywheel
  • download the program
  • A desktop icon loads on your computer
  • add site domain
  • enter the login information of the site or default login you want to use
  • Click create

The only issue I experienced is that I had to do this with Google’s search engine. When I did it on Microsoft Edge, the site admin page did not load.

The additional benefit of this program is that it uses the latest versions of PHP and MySQL. This is important for uploading sites to the hosting servers because companies use current versions of PHP and MySQL. If you do not have the up-to-date version, it causes more steps to move the site over. Local by Flywheel prevent possible issues.

I learned about this program through my membership with WPApprentice. This WordPress training site keeps me informed of the latest changes in WordPress development and search engines. WPApprentice updates training videos when changes will help members make a professional WordPress website easily.

The other benefit of this new innovative tool is that you can move your current site to local and make changes. If something happens to your changes that stop your website working it’s ok. You can research the issue without problems showing live. You can make the edits needed while your current site serves visitors.

I am a virtual assistant, not a developer but having the right tools means I can assist my clients with small changes to optimize their website’s usefulness. Having the right tools is imperative for performing tasks well, and this is especially true for online marketers. Creating content is time-consuming so using tools that help you achieve your online marketing goals is valuable.

There are tons of tools available on the market; however, work sometimes demands a quick answer.

I like WPApprentice because Kirk ensures that members receive the latest changes to WordPress that will affect our websites. Personally, it helps me provide excellent customer service time-efficiently.

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Since building my website this summer, I also built sites for clients. You never know where a do-it-yourself project will take you. Expanding your knowledge enables you to help others. Click my affiliate image below to make a WordPress website easily today for yourself.

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