How Fast Can I Make Money Online?

make money online
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A popular question is how fast can I make money online?

Most industry experts will tell you they cannot answer this question because it is subjective.
Working online for nine years, I understand both the question and the above answer. However, I can give a general guide from the marketing position of how long it will take to make money online.

First, I want to explain it is better to change the question.
I recommend three questions:

  • Do I have a product or service to sell online?
  • Do I want to use Google AdSense and affiliate marketing to make money online?
  • How much time do I have each day or week to invest in this endeavor?


Product Offerings

The first question will determine what marketing platforms to use. Meaning, if you are an artist or have an idea you can choose to use platforms like:

  • CafePress
  • Etsy
  • Shopify


Affiliate Marketing and Google Adsense

If you are considering using Google AdSense and affiliate marketing it requires a blog/website. New websites especially need fresh quality content weekly for the fastest impact. Posting content weekly four to six months will start getting you recognized by the search engines. Using ads and affiliate marketing as your income sources means you will need new content to bring the audience back.

If you post on a schedule, your audience will look for the new posts the same time next week. Quality content will inspire people to use your site as a reference. Super affiliate marketers provide personal testimonials about the products they promote.

Here is one of the reasons the return on investment (ROI) results are subjective. New bloggers can feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of keeping up a blog. It can be easy to let one week, two weeks, three then a month go by without publishing a post.

If you are not writing and you have not hired a copywriter for your site then, you will not make money as an affiliate marketer. Although it is called passive income, in the beginning, it takes work.
Reviewing my client experience, clients that write weekly (especially when they have new websites) receive website rankings in four to six months from the search engines in four to six months. The more content was written the better their website traffic analytics.

Social Media Takes Time to Make Money Online

Here is another reason the results are subjective when asking how fast can I make money online is a misperception. People hear stories about social media and viral videos and think “Oh, I’ll just do that.”
Most people think after they write their blog post and post it on social media and blog sites their work is done;


NOT! It is actually, just beginning.

If your site is new so is your Facebook page, so you are going to have to engage with people to bring them to your site. This means participating in groups. Commenting on pages, and contributing to conversations in groups positively will be you recognized. Recognition leads to having conversations that lead to your offerings.

See the process?

You also have to watch your analytics on social media to make sure your actions are going in the direction you want. You also want to avoid posting without a strategy. It does not achieve desired results. If you want to be known for cooking, then post cooking videos, and recipes.

The Fast Way to Make Money Online

From a marketing position, the fastest way to see results using online marketing is live streaming and videos. Once again people believe (even if subconsciously) that they need that viral video. You do not need a viral video to get noticed but you will need a strategy to make videos and livestreaming produce a profitable ROI.
People that receive the fastest ROI are on Periscope and/or Facebook Live several times per week. Industry experts are broadcasting twice a day livestreaming.

See, it is work.

An example of a strategy for livestreaming video marketing is:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Invite people to share your broadcast to their contacts
  • provide value so people will want to return to your future broadcasts
  • direct the audience to your website or store
  • use hashtags that are getting engagement to get quality reach
  • save the video to be replay viewers


Now think about this, on top of providing content for the above, you also need:


  • some blog posts on your website for visitors to read
  • an email webform so they can subscribe
  • a product or service to promote for them to purchase
  • an ecommerce solution to accept payments
  • if you are an Internet marketer that monetizes through Google AdSense and affiliate marketing you also have to write quality content for people to feel moved to purchase.


Do you see the work involved?

  • If you have a service, what are you saying to close the sale?
  • If you have a product, how are you offering it to make the customer want to click the buy now button?
  • If you selling affiliate offers, what story are you sharing that the audience can relate too enough to purchase?


If you want to make money online I think the first three question is the place to start. The next questions are:

  • What resources I have and need to get online?
  • How much do I know about this venture?
  • Who do I know that can answer questions?
  • When do I want to see a profit? This will determine how much time you need to work weekly.

Now, in four to six months if no movement has happened and you are doing everything diligently then something is missing. When goals take a long to manifest, usually it is because we simply do not know enough.
In conclusion, you have to break down the question, how fast can I make money online into three different sections of questions.

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